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The Liberal Position

I love the posters at Sweetness & Light.  Here I am writing 5,000 word essays on liberalism (Oh liberalism, how do I disagree with thee? Let me count the ways...) and this nice lady manages to sum up their self-contradicting absurdity in one paragraph.

"These self-same people are attempting to humanize the pet population - and they can’t even see the insanity of the two positions - kill human babies for choice but make pet owners what, guardians? Like Doris Roberts on the Genesis Award show (years ago, when her show was actually on and popular) touting her non-turkey Thanksgiving show while also touting that she had come directly from an Abortion Rights march in DC.  That is the essence of insanity, and the essence of the problem to me."

So just for fun, I though I'd dredge up an old post from my first blog and re-post it here to juxtapose it with the previous post by way of illustrating the point.


Landlords and Liberals and Pets, Oh My!

Let me explain one of my comments from yesterday's post. We wanted to adopt a dog, so last Saturday, C and I went down to the shelter and found one we thought would fit in with the family.

After getting to take her for a short walk, we went back into the office to do the paperwork. We were handed a five page questionnaire. Among other things, these people wanted our pet history for the past five years, a detailed pet care plan, and our landlord's phone number. We were told it would be at least a week before they could get around to approving our application and talking to our landlord, and oh by the way, the adoption fee is $100.00. While we were sitting there, the lady told another family that it was no problem to take the dog home over the weekend for a trial visit, but told us we had to bring the rest of our family all the way up there so THEY could observe how the dog interacts with our kids.

Okay, whoa! First of all, it's a DOG! Why the background investigation? I've had animals all my life, and my philosophy has always been that any animal we have is a member of the family, and we don't take in an animal unless we are committed to it, and everything that goes with it. Second, this sweet doggy has been at the shelter for over a year, and nobody has offered to adopt her. So, you ask, why didn't anyone want her? I don't know. But I do know that they deliberately put the rowdy young dogs in the pen with her so she can settle them down. You'd think that they would be thrilled that someone finally wants her. Third, why the hell was it okay for the other family to take the dog with them, but WE have to haul our whole family (including our special needs child AND the cat) up there?

The next issue was the landlord. Yeah, we paid a pet deposit, but thought we ought to let them know we planned on getting a dog along with our cat. As C put it, that just opened a whole can of worms. They couldn't just say okay, oh no. They insisted on coming by to inspect our rugs to see if the cat had done any damage. Our cat is pretty fastidious and has never once messed on the carpet. Our kids have done more damage to the carpet, but of course no one charges a child deposit. SO we said okay, and proceeded to spend three days and $100 dollars getting the house perfect so they'd have nothing to complain about when they came to inspect. So two hours before the appointed time, they call and say they can't make it and need to reschedule. It's not like we can just move, either, because none of the landlords around here allows pets.

So between the liberals and the landlords you have this dynamic where the animal rights advocates say "Please rescue and adopt homeless pets (so long as you give us all your personal information and pass the background check), and the landlords saying, "You can't enjoy animal companionship because we're more worried about the already old, worn-out carpet in our property than your quality of life."

Basically, we've now decided its just not worth the aggravation to adopt a dog, and we can't just go and blow a grand or two on a puppy from the pet store, and no one down here has any puppies for free or cheap. I'm starting to think that the drive to neuter pets has less to do with compassionate and humane control of the potential stray and homeless population, and more to do with restricting the supply to drive up prices and secure a monopoly for the breeders. One wonders that anyone has any pets at all these days...

The Time Traveler

Let's hope Dan Simmons' short story is not prophetic...


""Your enemies have gathered and struck and continue to strike and you, the innocents of 2006 and beyond, fight among yourselves, chew and rip at your own bellies, blame your brothers and yourselves and your institutions of the Enlightenment – law, tolerance, science, democracy – even while your enemies grow stronger.'
“'How are we supposed to know who our enemies are?' I turned and growled at him. 'The world is a complex place. Morality is a complex thing.'
“'Your enemy is he who will give his life to kill you,' said the Time Traveler. 'Your enemies are they that wish you and your children and your grandchildren dead and who are willing to sacrifice themselves, or support those fanatics who will sacrifice themselves, to see you and your institutions destroyed. You haven’t figured that out yet – the majority of you fat, sleeping, smug, infinitely stupid Americans and Europeans.'”

Dawn of the New Caliphate

(Dan Simmons is the author of one of my favorite sci-fi novels, Hyperion.  Be sure to read his following post/explanation of the story at http://www.dansimmons.com/news/message/2006_05.htm)

Excerpt from "The Lucifer Principle"

From The Lucifer Principle by Howard Bloom.  Let me know if you see any parallels with what’s been going on lately...
p. 14:

"Adolescence awakens defiant urges in nearly all primates. ...In langur monkeys it triggers a restlessness that's much more to the point.  Adolescent langur males kick loose the bonds of their childhood family life and cluster in unruly, threatening gangs.  Then they go on the prowl, looking for some older, well-established male they can attack.  The adolescents' goal is to dislodge their elder from his cushy home and take over everything he owns -- his power, his prestige, and his wives."
pp. 36-37
“Periodically, the gang of youthful thugs advances on the territory where the well-established elder sits in the midst of his large family. The hoodlums try to get his attention. They mock and challenge the patriarch. He sometimes sits aloof, refusing to dignify their taunts with a response. On other occasions, he ambles over to the periphery of the harem then rears up and puts on a display of outrage that chases the young Turks away. But from time to time, the massed delinquents continue their challenge, starting a fight that can be brutal indeed. If they are lucky, the upstarts trounce their dignified superior thoroughly, chasing him from his comfortable home.
“Then the newly triumphant members of the younger generation execute an atrocity. They wade into the screaming females, grabbing babies left and right. They swing the infants against the trees, smash them against the ground, bite their heads and crush their skulls. They kill and kill. When the orgy of bloodlust is over, not an infant remains. Yet the females in their sexual prime are completely unhurt”
p. 217:

"A position at the top of the pecking order is not permanent.  Far from it.  Animals who make it to the peak know that simple fact.  They see that yesterday's adolescents have become today's restless adults and watch warily as these youthful challengers size up the odds of knocking their elders off the top of the heap.

"Dominant beasts remain vigilant.  But a strange thing happens to nations at the pecking order's apogee.  The dominant superorganism sometimes goes to sleep.  It falls complacently into a fatal trap, assuming that its high position is God given, that its fortunate lot in life will last forever, that its lofty status is carved in stone.  It forgets that any pecking order is a temporary thing and no longer remembers how miserable life can be on the bottom.  The results are often an unpleasant surprise.

"We all know that Rome was picked apart by peoples any respectable Roman could see were beneath his contempt.  The barbarians didn't shave.  They wore dirty clothes.  They were almost always drunk.  Their living standard was one step above that of a mule.  Their technology was laughable.  They usually couldn't read and write, and they certainly had no 'culture'.  What could these smelly primitives do? They could fight."
p. 171:

"Humans rally around ideas because they solve some of our problems, because they offer the biological blessings of the illusion of control, and because they are threads that hold us together in the vast network of a superorganismic mind, weaving scattered individuals into a cooperative entity of awesome power and size.

"But webs of ideas also do more: as hungry replicators eager to remold the world, they often turn their ultimate weapon -- the superorganism -- into a killing machine.  And contrary to the doctrines of some modern critics, they do not engage in this "hegemonic imperialism" only in the malevolent West.

"Two hundred years after the Fall of Rome, a merchant named Mohammed lived in the desert town of Mecca, a bleak and isolated community on a caravan route..."

Any of this ringing any bells yet? How about a couple more quotes...
“Is it possible for us to witness a world without America and Zionism? But you had best know that this slogan and this goal are attainable, and surely can be achieved...”
                                                            -- Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
“God will (help) Muslims to conquer Rome … (May) God enable us to slit their throats, and make their money and descendants the bounty of the mujahideen.”
                                                            -- Mujahideen Shura Council
Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”
                                                            --14th-century Byzantine emperor Manuel II Paleologus


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“Resistance to the organized mass can be effected only by the man who is as well organized in his individuality as the mass itself." -- Carl Gustav Jung, (1957), The Undiscovered Self, p.59

”It is useless for the sheep to pass resolutions in favor of vegetarianism while the wolf remains of a different opinion.” -- Dean William Inge

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